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Shadow Town

Balanced for airsoft, but also suitable for LARP - a complex of city battle. Yes, it's still tens of years and thousands of euros before a serious complex and airsoft standards, but we already have the police, a cafe with a VIP room, a bank kiosk, a sniper's apartment, a file store, and a city council.



After the fall of the Communist Union, Chebolya's borders opened up to the dreamed-of paradise of capitalism. However, while the ordinary chaebols waited for the bright tomorrow to come, the more cunning ones rushed to fill their pockets by robbing and selling everything they could find a buyer for. Structures full of equipment, cables, pipes and even monuments were brought to the capitalist countries from Cheboliya day and night by rail. The newly minted "businessmen" were not lazy to loot not only factories, power plants, but also sewage networks. Smaller regions suffered the most.


Legion Etrangere is a special, annual airsoft event that emotionally brings players as close as possible to the conditions of real war. Legion Etrangere invites you to immerse yourself (move) for one day in a zone of violent ethnic conflict, where the French Foreign Legion is trying to bring peace

ABC (Airsoft Boot Camp)

.More than ten years of active airsoft activities, numerous trainings with different instructors helped us form the ABC training format. We will not teach ballet, we will not teach war, we will not teach killing. We will introduce you to what is most important in airsoft, but often not used/unknown/forgotten


For a few days, a part of the district is taken over by extremist fighters seeking to restore the independent Blue Republic. The purpose of the event is to create the most realistic conditions of an emergency military situation, thus providing an opportunity to check the preparedness of various services for emergency situations, to highlight the shortcomings of existing procedures, and to improve the level of preparation. The snipers form an autonomous group of rebel fighters in the event.


When faced with harsh conditions, a person often has the opportunity to look at values anew, he realizes that happiness is not in luxury, and sometimes only the ability to sacrifice for the sake of others, to share a single bite allows a person to remain a person. We hope that the experience of the game will encourage more interest in the history of our country, and will make it clear that the memory of people who managed to stand firm for many years and believed in the "bright future of Lithuania" until their last breath is respected for a reason.


The format of joint exercises with KASP and LŠS is called according to the long-standing traditions of Lithuanian Army exercise names. Kurmiai - dry dance events, the goal of each of which is to perform "exercises" according to the selected situation. The snipers in the exercises help to create an autonomous, proactive, unpredictable side of the opponents.


How did the airsoft appear in Lithuania? What were the first games like? What attracted the first fanatics of this hobby? How did the community improve and what did the twenty-year-old community learn from?

The history of Lithuanian airsoft from the lips of the pioneers.

The goal of the project is to preserve and perpetuate the history of the first steps of airsoft in Lithuania, while we still have active pioneers.

We talk about today’s airsoft issues with important members of the shooting community.